Okay, Why do u need to validate your Idea ,which is going to successful as you imagined.people are going to be excited to buy your premium product/service.

your are going to get rich and things are going to be happen, exactly like u planned .This super optimistic approach may work on theory but in reality things gets real weird and un predictable .

entrepreneurs(shame on me) often tend to ignore validation of the product or the entire business itself.

It all goes down to the fundamental idea “Is this a viable Business idea?”.

Launching a replacement/new product before validating is actually a catastrophe waiting to happen. Marketers state that the initial procedures of running a business like testing the thought , building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), developing a USP (Unique Selling Proposition), making a rush via social media, etc. – are incredibly significant within the business. a bit like in lifestyle , if you don’t do your homework, you aren’t successful.

In this article, I’m getting to share with you 5 the most reasons to validate the business idea and seven primary steps the way to roll in the hay . to start out with, let’s look closer to those reasons.

Business-Idea validation reasons:

A). REDUCE the danger OF LAUNCHING the incorrect IDEA

It’s easy to become obsessive together with your idea. It’s an honest conception and therefore the world must hear it.

Yet, there’s something about the brooding procedure which will change reality and ruin an honest project.

You’ve been stuck up during this idea for such an extended time that you’ve lost the capacity to criticize it.

Business owners think his idea is flawless. Nonetheless, it’s not flawless, not yet. What’s more, once you will show your flawed product or service to the market, you almost certainly won’t have the time to enhance it.


From the very beginning, you don’t know what reaction expect from your clients. Validation of a business idea gives you an opportunity to make a decision if there are any imperfections in your concept could end in an enormous return, discount, fix and substitution costs.


Just remember, more you’ll spend in idea validation less you’ll miss within the launching process. Idea validation can’t guarantee the success of your startup. But it gives you a singular opportunity to see if you spend some time and money on a profitable startup. You don’t want to launch a product or service, which won’t have demand and customers, do you?


You never know once you are going to be inspired to enhance your product. it’ll be easier to predict with the thought validation. It can assist you to make ideas for brand spanking new highlights, uncover benefits your product has which you didn’t know or tell you to vary your packaging, cost or other features.

E). PROVE that you simply CAN SELL the merchandise

You are getting to create products or services which will provide solutions to the issues your potential clients face. And you’ve got to understand exactly what they have and their pain points, because you’ll lose trying to encourage customers to shop for products, regardless of how good they’re . The advantage of the business idea validation is to demonstrate the requirements of your potential clients to you. Your task is to define the wants of your future customers before you launch a startup.

I hope that persuaded you to validate a business idea. and that we advance to the method of idea validation.

Testing Business Idea


Before you begin testing a thought , you would like to understand what exactly you would like to check . Just write down the concept of your product, how you see it. Make notes about your audience , what problems your product or service can solve and the way it can handle them, the most features, the possible pricing. These notes are often changed during the method , but it’s the aim of the thought validation. you would like to check the thought to be 100% sure in it.

2) TEST the thought

It sounds straightforward, but a product will fail when there’s no demand for it. I also know how out of this problem. marketing research can assist you to validate your business idea, make a step-by-step strategy to launch your product or service, assist you maximize your profits during launching. The marketing research company, can conduct the market research for you to form sure people want what you’re selling, and only then you’ll launch the merchandise .


The first version of a product or a service will never be the ultimate version. Firstly, it’s important just to validate the relevance of a product.

MVP may be a development method the aim of which to make the merchandise with the essential features to ascertain the reaction of users. The last, complete product is developed only after analyzing feedback from the initial users.

A key statement behind the thought of MVP is that you simply produce a relevant product (which could also be no quite a landing page, or a service with an appearance of automation, but which is fully manual behind the scenes) that you simply offers to customers and observe their behavior with the merchandise or service.

Your aim is to ascertain what people do together with your product. it’s far more reliable than asking people what they might do. the simplest thanks to check the interest of your users is that the conversion rates. The larger this number – the upper the potential of your idea. Otherwise, you’ll got to return and improve your concept.

After launching your MVP, the marketers can assist you to gather feedback from your customers. Clients can tell what features to enhance that guarantee idea validation. this may assist you to upgrade a product or service to the simplest version. it’s crucial to stay going, improve then test again until the merchandise is finalized.

value proposition example core customers


I want to stress that you simply will become superior to your future competitors once you will have a USP. It possibly might be a good price, better guarantee or superior customer service, etc. Your unique selling proposition can separate you from the competitors by showing to clients how your business will lookout of a problem during a way your competitors won’t. At the core of your brand marketing strategy has got to be your unique selling proposition.

It’s an honest thought to point out your potential clients the benefits of your product or idea, in order that they could check it and confirm they have it. After a business idea validation, you’ll uncover that you simply can drop a selected component since customers don’t need it. you’ll discover you’ve got to bring down your price or find another group of consumers.

For what reason will clients buy from you, not from your competitor? Is your offer unique? it’s not enough for your new product to be remarkable and meet your clients’ wants and wishes , however, you ought to show why and the way it does intrinsically .

Testing should draw your attention to what makes your product out of the standard , shielding you from being viewed as simply another “me as well” advertising.

No one knows better the exclusive features of your product than you. By imparting that through smart marketing, you’ll guarantee the marketplace remarks your unique selling proposition.

5) found out a billboard CAMPAIGN

For companies and makes , social media may be a very powerful tool – especially once you skills to use targeted ads.

I want to offer you another advice. you’ll create a channel on YouTube or write articles about your sphere of business. i feel you recognize something interesting that you simply want to share with others. the newest surveys show the users buy more once they are informed about the merchandise or service they’re curious about . another benefit that you simply are going to be closer to the potential clients.


Before launching a replacement product, you ought to check the marketing funnel and find modern marketing channels. you’ll use Lead Generation for this purpose. Shortly, it’s attracting consumers towards your product, or within the digital age, your website. That helps to drive more brand awareness, more quality leads and most significantly , more ultimately sales.

Everything we do is concentrated on the updated marketing metric, that’s called revenue. The model permits to work out the value per lead therefore the brand can see the speed of its growth, more effectively manage the brand’s launching strategy and easily calculate the brand’s ROI (return on investment).


The last step, but not a final one, is performance management. it’s a group of activities that guarantee your aims are met successfully and proficiently. It provided to research the performance of a business idea validation or a selected marketing campaign. Generally, you set your goals and expectations, test your idea or marketing strategy to realize desired goals and periodically evaluate progress toward goals and steps for improvement.

To conclude, it’s great to form a choice , but always better to form the proper one that’s also the rationale for the validation of a business idea. You imagine and plan your product in your mind and it’s going to be seen flawless, but it are often the incorrect statement. Take some time , do validation and plan your launch accordingly.

A business idea validation isn’t a simple process as you’ll see. But it’s obligatory if you would like to be a successful business owner. You build your startup from a scratch and validation of the thought is that the basis of this process.

Prakash Sellathurai

Product Leadership | Ex-Entrepreneur